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professional development

iRise Behavioral Health offers a variety of trainings catered to your specific needs. Enhance your skills to better serve your students, educators, and staff. Contact us today to speak with a licensed clinician who can cater a training just for you!

social emotional learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a strengths-based, developmental process that begins at birth and evolves across the lifespan (Weissberg et al., 2015). It is the process through which children, adolescents, and adults learn skills to support healthy development and relationships.

team building

Collaboration is a sought after skill.  The ability to work in teams, listen to different perspectives, evaluate ideas respectfully and unite to create a unique and successful product is an essential part of any environment. 

trauma informed teaching

Trauma-informed teaching is a set of principles that guide educational policies and procedures. It's based on the idea that trauma can affect learning and behavior. Research indicates that social and emotional learning promotes academic achievement, well-being, positive life outcomes, decreased teacher burnout and can be a powerful tool for prevention and resilience when embedded with intentionality in curriculum, instruction, and school climate. 

Contact Joshua to discuss your training needs and to create your own professional development!

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